To read and contribute at Arclind Mindspace, you don’t need to provide any private or personal information unless you choose otherwise.

We use cookies to improve your user experience, and we do not store any personal information. When you use an Arclind Mindspace account to log in, we use cookies to store your session_id and security tokens.

We also use CloudFlare as our CDN, and they use a cookie named __cfduid to assign a unique id to your computer when you are using a public IP address. The cookie is to set your computer as a trusted one so to let you access our site, in cases where the other computers using the same IP address could be infected. If you do not want this cookie, you can block it.

We use Google’s Analytics tool to aggregate metrics for the site. Google sets a cookie named _ga. You can block it as well.

To know more about third-party cookies and tracking, read the crash course on cookies and online tracking.


As a reader, you can anonymously access Arclind Mindspace from anywhere. At that time, your browser information, time of access, the page accessed, IP address, the page you were referred from, will be logged in our server access log. These logs are only used to analyse technical errors and will usually be deleted after a few weeks. This information helps us to fight against spam and vandalism.


The content you publicly contribute to Arclind Mindspace will be permanently available to the whole world, licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. You can create content or edit existing contents on Arclind Mindspace with an account. In that case, you will have to use an email address and a username.

Third parties

We don’t sell or share any information to any third parties unless the government legally requests such information. For analysing our user behaviour and other content statistics, we use the Analytics tool from Google. They collect the same information that we find in our server logs. If you don’t trust Google Analytics, you can block the analytics.js with any of the trusted add-ons available for your browser.


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