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Have you ever dipped your toes into a river? And then tried to do it again? You can never step into the same river twice, says the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus. The river remains the same, but it constantly changes as its waters flow. 🌊

The cosmos, too, is like the river. There is constant change, but there is also an underlying unity to that change. This unity, Heraclitus called the Logos—an order to the world that controls its happenings.

How can one understand this? By using one’s reason to properly interpret the information one gets from the senses, says Heraclitus.


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Just read about Logos. If according to Heraclitus, logos are some sort of cosmic laws that a human could interpret by observation, this is a pretty awesome extrapolation for someone who lived in the 6th century and pretty much tried to summarise the entire universe and physics – right around the time astronomy was budding!