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Unto the dawn of gleams,
With lyre feathers of dreams,
I fly, and fly, towards the unknown,
Leaping from shoulders of the known.


In 1841, near West Roxbury, Massachusetts, there was a socialist utopian experiment led by George Ripley at a two hundred acre estate. Based on the principles inspired by Charles Fourier, educated men and women participated and carried out a shared communal life and labour, building a Phalanstère (a self-contained utopian building). But in March 1846, the building caught fire. Starting with a severe financial setback, the experiment eventually failed.

Contrary to popular belief, polar bears don’t have white skin. Their skin is black underneath all that white fur, which is likely evolutionary to absorb more heat from the sun. You can see this around their nose or under the paws. But did you know that they aren’t always black? When they are born, they have a pinkish skin which only turns black after a few months.

Painters who got used to their mistakes would often look at their paintings upside down to spot the errors. You can apply the same for writings by changing the margin of the document or changing the font. I write essays and these small changes help.

There is an international list of all threatened biological species that keeps track of their extinction risks. It is called The International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species (IUCN Red List). Enthusiasts and organisations from many countries help by submiting and assessing the data. There is also another list called the IUCN Green List that keeps track of all the protected areas in the world.

When it is really hard to name your character in your story, skip to the end credits of a film. There is no other place you can find a diverse list of real names.

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