Software architecture - a crash course

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If you take a software, the whole system is comprised of several components that are interlinked at different levels, all satisfying the requirements of the business it serves. Even this site, Mindspace, is fairly complex when you consider the entire stack that runs it. So how does one get an idea about the whole structure? How do developers and managers visualise the things they are going to build? That's where the concept of software architecture comes in! Think of software architecture process like planning and deciding your house before you lay the foundation to it. Simple right? In this Mindspace crash course, you'll learn more on the fundamentals of software architecture, the common types of software architecture patterns, and various concepts of it.

1 The software blueprint
2 Architectural patterns
3 Monolithic architecture
4 Layered architecture
5 Microservice architecture
6 Peer-to-peer architecture
7 Event-driven architecture
8 Microkernel architecture