Access and inspect browser cookies

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Every modern browser has a set of tools to inspect all requests and responses, which means, as a user, you can access all the cookies a website stores on your computer.

Developer tools

To access the browser’s developer tools use the following shortcut on the browser you are using.

  • Firefox - Ctrl + Shift + I
  • Chrome - Ctrl + Shift + C

Navigate to the storage tab and click on Cookies dropdown on the left pane. Here, you can find all the cookies set by a website.

For example, when you visit Mindspace and log in, our servers will set you two cookies csrftoken and sessionid. Cloudflare, our CDN sets a __cfduid cookie. And Google sets a _ga cookie for the Analytics tool we use.

You’d find a table with information about these cookies like the time they were created, the expiry time, last accessed time, and information about the type of cookie etc. So for any websites you visit, you can now access this area and find out who is tracking you via cookies.