Crash course, the internet, and Mindspace

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This lesson will help you understand what community-friendly crash courses are and how it can help make learning easier for independent learners.

A crash course is a type of course where information is simplified in a concise format so that it can be consumed in a faster way. For every crash course, Arclind Mindspace gives you compartmentalised lessons with a markdown supported space with an intentional character limit of 3000 accompanied by a discussion space for each to accomplish a relaxed self-learning experience and discourse.

Unlike traditional courses from MOOC organisations, crash courses on Arclind Mindspace are simpler, shorter, and more straightforward. And most importantly, focused on text-based lessons rather than video-based lessons.

To learn crash courses on Mindspace, you don’t require any participation or commitment. You are free to learn, derive, use, and re-distribute any content under the terms of the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 licence.