Guidelines to use Arclind Mindspace

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If you haven’t read the terms, now would be the right time. In a nutshell, if you are posting any content to Arclind Mindspace, it will be licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. It means that you are giving the community the freedom to copy, modify, derive, and build upon your work and share it under the same licence. This preserves your self-interest and communal interest at the same time. The following guidelines are drafted to help make the community better.

  • Make your crash courses as simple as possible. Imagine that you are creating a crash course for your friend, niece, nephew, or for your family.
  • Avoid sugarcoating facts or any click-baity, marketer-like, poetic, rhetorical, or extravagant prose in a content. KISS - Keep It Simple and Straightforward.
  • Research before you create. Leave no room for misinformation.
  • Use the International System of Units. Using localized units is discouraged.
  • For citing, we recommend MLA for humanities, APA for social and technical courses.
  • Do not post contents that you are not authorised to. Do not spam.
  • If you have a public site, or a project, make sure you include it in your profile bio. This helps the community to discover you beyond your crash courses.
  • Self-promotions inside the content (course, lessons, and comments) and affiliate/product links are not welcomed or desired by anyone on this planet. We will remove it without notice. And if you find such content, please do flag it to our attention.
  • Be kind, patient, and respectful.
  • Expressing emotions online is tricky and it is easy to misinterpret your tone of words. Be clear, unbiased, and non-sarcastic when it comes to learning-related interactions. Flag inappropriate interactions, ignore, and move on.
  • Report any harassment, bullying, bigotry, abuse, and abusive contents across Mindspace and help us keep this community healthy.

For more help and assistance, visit - or email us at [email protected].